Prince Jackson Just Got an Intense New Tattoo—See the Ink!

Like sister, like brother.

The Jackson siblings are growing up and inking up.

Paris Jackson debuted her tear-inducing tattoo, a tribute to father Michael, earlier this week and now, big bro Prince is debuting his new body art.

Prince, who turned 19 in February, apparently got a new tattoo on the upper right side of his back. It’s unclear what exactly the meaning behind the ink is, but it resembles the Egyptian god of afterlife Anubis.
A tattoo artist who says he gave the tat to Prince posted the above picture. “I did #princemichaeljackson tattoo #MichaelJacksonjr #MichaelJackson he is an amazing man. Much love,” the artist wrote in the caption. He added in a second post that Prince “sat really good for 4 hours” to get the tattoo. That is a looooooong time.

Like brother, like sister. Or in this case, maybe it’s the other way around.

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