Draya Michele Said the Pregnancy “Bar Has Been Set” and the Commenters Are Dragging Her For It

"So who wants to get pregnant next ????? Cuz um, the bar has been set."

Draya Michele has been serving maternity grace and style since trimester numero uno but the former Basketball Wives LA star went and ruffled some of her fans feathers about that very topic.

So who wants to get pregnant next ????? Cuz um, the bar has been set

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The Mint Swim designer posted a video to her Instagram of behind-the-scenes footage from a recent photoshoot. It wasn’t the video that upset the fans but a caption that read, “So who wants to get pregnant next ????? Cuz um, the bar has been set.”

The comment section is on fire with fans feeling some type of way about Draya acting like she’s the be-all and end-all of pregnancy glam. Fans have implied that many “regular” people don’t have the means or the team or the clout to look camera ready at all times, let alone when they’re with child.

One fan commented,”But hey it’s draya’s page and I adore her. But again that comment is wrong to a lot of women not in her position on so many levels.”

Many fans felt like, girl bye, including this caption-er, “The bar has been set? Ur caption is so stupid Lol she thinks this shoot is unlike any other… Girl bye I’ve seen better”

Some just felt like they wish they never scrolled upon her on their timeline, writing, “Oh God the caption why did I stumble upon this page? NOT FOLLOWING.”

Others simply felt that the caption was “insensitive.”

One user wrote, “Cute……but doesn’t sound like @drayamichele at all.”

And another related that feeling confident is great but not at the expense of being smug, writing, “I’m all for being confident but you cross the line when you think yourself above everyone else.”

Some fans were still Team Draya all day, “Ppl r really hating on her comments tho. Like for what? Ima be the exact same way when I eventually get pregnant ’Slay girl, slay, witcho big ol butt and belly.'”

Are you Team Draya or nah?