Mya Says She Goes to Strip Clubs “to Watch How Powerful Women Are”

"Women are just naturally sexy and have an essence about them," she told XONecole.

Scratch what you might have heard. There’s inspiration to be found in the strip club.

Mya recently gave her thoughts on female sexuality to XONecole. The 36-year-old singer revealed why she likes going to strip clubs and her words will change your perspective and blow your mind.

“I go to strip clubs specifically to watch how powerful women are,” she said. “I’m a person that’s observant of how she carries herself and [believes] women who are not strippers have power, too.” She told the site that she thinks women “are just naturally sexy” whether or not they’re fulled clothed. “If everyone breaks down their walls and stops putting themselves on holier than thou pedestals, we can all learn from each other,” she said.

Mya also told the site that she doesn’t “just watch and study” the women in the strip club. She sits down and talks to them, too. “I share a lot of the same walks and obstacles, and I saw myself relating to a lot of people that might appear broken. I’m always connecting with what society would label the outcasts and the weirdos and the lost souls,” she said, adding that communicating with strippers ultimately helps her learn more about herself. A video allegedly of Mya performing in a strip club surfaced last year. We included it here.

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