Orlando Brown Put Out a Bonkers New Music Video and We’re Worried

Something is very wrong with Eddie from That's So Raven.

What the hell is going on with Orlando Brown?

The actor–known for playing Eddie on That’s So Raven–was arrested earlier this year on suspicion of battery, drug possession and resisting arrest. And what does he follow this up with? A bizarre, drug-fueled music video that genuinely scares the s–t out of us.

Brown dropped the clip for his song “F-ck My Name” on Wednesday (April 6), seemingly a response to the tabloid fodder about his personal issues.

“F-ck TMZ! F-ck Harvey [Levin], and f-ck his whole staff!” he says in the beginning of the video. “Ni–a, I’m going in!”

And he certainly does. The video is a hodgepodge of unsettling imagery. Brown appears to be doing drugs at one point, his eyes rolling in the back of his head. In another scene, he robs a convenient store. Then, he drinks liquor straight out of a weird-looking bottle. Several times in the video, he looks panicked.

Embedded from www.youtube.com.