Sky Is Celebrating Being Off Parole and Her Getting Her License Like Only Sky Can Do

"So try me, Imma pray yo' a-- to death!"

Sky of Black Ink Crew is one very happy lady on this Monday, as she’s celebrating not one but two great things and shared the news with her Instafam.

  1. Our fave Harlem honey get her license today.

    Ayyy. Twerk, twerk, twerk.

  2. *And* our girl is finally off probation!

    “YAS! YAS! SO TRY ME. Ima pray your ass to death.”

On last season of Black Ink Crew, Sky had to surrender to the U.S. Marshal for a crime in her past. She did the time for the alleged incident but today she is officially a free woman. Hopefully no one actually tries her though, the goal is to stay out of jail.

Congrats, Sky! Don’t miss Black Ink Crew, Mondays at 9/8c!

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