Is Mimi Faust a Lesbian? Mimi and Chris Explain the Details of Their Relationship to Ariane

"We are not in a lesbian relationship."

Mimi Faust stunned friends and fans when she introduced her newest love Chris on the season premiere of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Mimi’s BFF Ariane was thrilled that this was also Mimi’s coming out as a lesbian party too but Mimi wasn’t really there for that label.

Mimi explained, “I identify myself as a female. Chris identifies herself [sic] as male. So we are not in a lesbian relationship.” Ariane doesn’t totally understand Chris’ gender identity and thinks he’s having an identity crisis, but Chris says not at all. He explained, “Mentally and spiritually, I identify as male, just in a female vessel.” Ariane’s not totally sold but is definitely being supportive of her bestie’s new relationship.

On Instagram, Mimi kept the dialogue going, writing, “In 2016 we should not be using gay and lesbian as a way to degrade someone. Someones sexuality is not a reflection of their character and more importantly what type of parent they are. The most important thing is that the child feels love regardless of whether it comes from a man or a woman. We should continue the strides we have made over the last 50+ years and allow people to be who they are.”

What do you think of Mimi and Chris together?

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