These Hilarious Throwback Ads Will Show You How to Celebrate Earth Day, ’90s Style

Keep the Earth green (and neon pink)!

By Claire Downs
It’s Earth Day, the day to celebrate our planet’s natural beauty, or as stoners call it, “the other Earth Day, the one after 4/20.” You might spend the day finding your inner hippie or thwarting advances from members of the opposite sex suggesting “we should shower together…you know…for like…the Earth.” Most of us will spend it pretending to know what we can and can’t recycle while reading Tweets from major corporations trying desperately to be relevant.

Regardless of how you spend your Earth Day, we can all agree that the holiday reached its peak in the 90s. There were countless recycling PSAs, characters on TV taking a minute to talk about the “real issues” affecting the Earth, Captain Planet, and songs all about trying to keep the Earth green (and neon pink, apparently). Here are some videos to help you celebrate Earth Day, ’90s style!

Workin’ Together – The Planet Raps Back

Taking place at what looks to be the set of Sesame Street at nighttime, this magical music video features a temporarily formed rap supergroup called “The Planet Raps Back” made of Quincy Jones, Will Smith, Tone Loc, Queen Latifah, Ice T, Kid N Play, and Heavy D.

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