You’ll Never Guess the Craziest Place Kim Kardashian’s Had Sex

It sounds...sticky.

There isn’t much we don’t know about Kim Kardashian. The selfie innovator posts everything from topless pics to cute North West videos, so–you know–we get her.

But not that well, apparently. Kardashian found another way to surprise us, this time via a teensy-weensy sexual factoid. E! Online reports Lil’ Kim’s new bestie held a livestream Q&A on her website Monday (April 11), and one fan asked her a pretty bold question: Where is craziest place she’s had sex?

We’ll give you three hints: 1. It’s sticky. 2. It’s expensive. 3. You’ve also probably done something sexual there.

“Like a public movie theatre, yeah,” Kardashian answered. We just have one question: What movie?! A horror film? A drama? Kardashian’s Oscar-worthy film Disaster Movie (2009)? Probably Disaster Movie.


And this wasn’t the only sexual tea Kardashian spilled during her chat. She revealed she has indeed joined the mile high club; however, she has some qualifiers. “But like the private [plane]. I don’t think like a public plane…It would have to be an international flight. It was an international, night flight when no one’s like around,” she said. Us too, bb. Us too.

What do you think about Kardashian’s topless selfie scandal? Empowering or thirsty? We break down the arguments in the video below.

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