Bam Margera Has a Breakthrough and Reveals He Has a Secret Stash of Booze in the House

"I know that I don't need it anymore."

Bam Margera’s has struggled with substance abuse for years but is making the commitment to turn his life around. In a highlight from Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn, Bam reveals that he brought a secret bottle of vodka into the dry house that he was “planning on drinking.”

While the news initially seems to stun Dr. Jenn and upset April, Bam says he doesn’t need it anymore and he’s totally fine if Dr. Jenn removes it from the house. It’s a huge step in his sobriety and his house mates, especially Michael Lohan, congratulate the Jackass star on being so strong.

Do you think Bam can stay on the straight and narrow? Do you think this is the beginning of healing his relationship with April? Stay tuned to Family Therapy every Wednesday at 8/9c!