Amp Up Your Selfie Game With These Nifty Gadgets

It's like a Glam Squad on your phone.

-By Danielle Kent

Since the early 2000s the fascination with selfies has evolved into borderline obsession. It has come to the point where there seems to be no inappropriate time to selfie– post-haircut, pre-surgery, mid-poop, etc.– and the need to photograph ourselves is only growing stronger. If you find yourself constantly struggling to get the perfect shot, these gadgets will certainly help you amp up your selfie game in style. And they won’t break the bank! Read on to learn how to turn your phone into your very own personal Glam Squad.

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    LuMee is an innovative new phone case that promises professional quality lighting for your selfie. LED lighting surrounds the perimeter of each $50+ case to blur and soften imperfections. These cases come equipped with a dimmer switch and a charging cord so whenever the uncontrollable urge to selfie bubbles up inside you, you’ll be prepared. The selfie queen herself, Kim Kardashian, has apparently been a longtime supporter of LuMee and officially partnered up with the brand in early 2016 claiming that it had been her hidden secret to perfect pictures for the past year.

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    Think of your last trip to an amusement park. Was it chock-full of a million Millennial Dads with selfie sticks in hand? Did it leave you feeling equal parts annoyed and jealous? Well, fret not! Now you can be just like those obnoxious dudes any time you want! Snapstyk is the first phone case that has a built-in Bluetooth enabled selfie stick to minimize the bulk and make the original selfie stick portable. Though it has not yet been fully funded, the case is available for pre-order.

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    Smoovie is a start-up that aims to enhance the quality of video recorded on mobile devices. This gadget also has a collapsible attachment that extends out much like Snapstyk, but it also has a counterbalance to stabilize your phone. The result is smooth, shake-free video without a tripod. The company has far surpassed its crowdfunding goals so we can expect to see it available for purchase soon.

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    Streamlining the selfie process is not just a role exclusive to tech start-ups; Wet Brush recently expanded their classic hair brush line to include The Selfie Brush, a tool that lets you touch up your hair and selfie simultaneously. The brush looks like a normal paddle brush, but it has an additional compartment that serves as a phone case. Users can also make calls and text while the phone is in position. Is it the new essential addition to your morning routine? Probably not, but it is fairly cheap and your friends might get a good LOL out of it.

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    The easiest way to describe The Nixie is to call it what it is: a selfie drone. It was conceptualized in 2014 when its developers won Intel’s Make it Wearable Challenge. This wearable camera is activated with a gesture, at which point it flies off, captures your image in mid-air, and returns to you. Unlike a lot of these smaller start-ups, The Nixie has gained significant backing from several top-tier investors in Silicon Valley. It’s not yet available for pre-order, but you can subscribe to their newsletter for updates on when this product launches.