Future Apparently Just Made the Pettiest Comment About Ciara’s Career

That's a low blow, man.

The Future and Ciara saga continues. *Sigh*

Two days after Ciara refused to say Future’s name during the 2016 Billboard Music Awards announcements, news broke about Future’s counter to her $15 million defamation lawsuit. And it’s next-level petty.

TMZ is reporting that Future’s counter lawsuit says it’s impossible for him to have damaged Ciara’s career because “her last album was a ’flop.'” From TMZ:

“Future’s firing back at Ciara’s $15 million defamation lawsuit … saying he couldn’t possibly have damaged her rep, since she’s currently lacking one.

In his counter lawsuit … Future flat out says his ex-fiancée ’s career has been expired for a few years. He does call her fan base ’reasonably large’ — but also refers to her last album as a ’flop’ … and says she hasn’t won many awards since 2013.”

Welp, if this is true, it’s definitely a new low. Yours truly is no expert in lawsuits, but something tells me claiming your ex no longer has a career does not a case make.

It’s definitely Petty Wap Wednesday today. Here’s hoping these two get things sorted.

We caught up with Ciara about her guilty pleasure last year. Peep what she had to say in the video below.

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