A Handwriting Analyst Says Dame Dash Is “Domineering” and Sister Patterson Is “Obnoxious”

"Why are you so defensive?"

Things are getting real on Family Therapy. Bart Bagget, a forensic handwriting expert, is dropping some hard truth bombs from his analysis, particularly for Dame Dash and Sister Patterson.

Bart tells Damon that he has a “domineering quality” and a fear of rejection. Dame agrees with some of the assessment but says it’s a fear of abandonment not rejection that holds him back.

When it comes to Sister Patterson things take a different turn. After Bart tells Tiffany that people who have a fear of success often have a “mother that over-loves them,” Sister gets defensive. A strange and tense confrontation takes place with Bart telling Sister, she’s “obnoxious.” Oop. We’re not sure Sister’s the one to make those comments to.

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