Jennifer Williams Discusses the Possibility of Joining Basketball Wives LA and Denies Sleeping with Benzino

And her new single "No Brick!"

Jennifer Williams came into America’s hearts as part of the original Basketball Wives lineup but the personality has just made a return to reality TV in a new series. VH1 had an exclusive chat with Jen about working with the likes of Benzino, Laura Govan, and Tiffany “New York” Pollard, as well as her new music career, her ex Cisco Rosado, and if she’d ever join the cast of Basketball Wives LA.

You just did the new TV One show The Next :15. Were you tentative to return to reality TV at all?
Jennifer Williams: I was tentative to come back to reality TV. I guess it kinda came about because Carlos King who’s the executive producer of The Next :15, he’s also a friend of mine. He called me about a year ago and said he had this idea to do this show, and he told me some of the people that he was thinking of having on the show. I think only Laura [Govan] and Karamo [Brown] ended up being on the show, of the people he told me.

When he told me the idea, I thought, that’s an interesting concept to break the fourth wall and have the producers actually be a part of the show. For me to come back to reality TV, I like to be a trailblazer and that’s what I thought we were on Basketball Wives, and because this concept was different, I agreed to do it and because I love Carlos, and I trust him and I think when you do reality TV you have to be able to trust the people you work with.

How is this show different than Basketball Wives?
The one thing that was different for me was being cast with people that I really didn’t know. On Basketball Wives, I was actually friends with the girls that I worked with so it was kinda easy because these were conversations that I would have on or off camera. I think this concept was really interesting because on Basketball Wives, one of the things that I would always get was, “Is that show scripted? Are these girls really that crazy?” [Laughs] And I wanted to say it was scripted but I was like, “No, these things actually really happened.” I thought it would be interesting for the viewers to see what goes on behind the scenes.

On The Next :15 it came up that you were very quiet on Basketball Wives. Was it important for you to show that you weren’t on this show?
It’s funny because I still am very quiet. I don’t need to be the loudest person in the room and when I have something to say, I say it. I thought that I was that way on Basketball Wives but I was probably around a lot of people that were way more louder than me. So, it could come across that I was quiet or that I was timid.

And I was going through a divorce. A lot of people that have never been married, they can say, that you’re this or you’re that but, honestly until you’re in that position and it’s playing out on TV and for millions of people to judge and watch, you never know what you’re going to do. For me, my parents got divorced and it was something I really never wanted for myself so I was dealing with a lot internally and personally so there were times when I was probably quiet but it wasn’t necessarily important for me to show that but I just felt on Basketball Wives it was so much more focused on my relationship, and I get it because the show was called Basketball Wives. Then it turned into the drama with Evelyn. I just felt like you didn’t get to learn who Jennifer was, so I’m happy on The Next :15 that people got to see a different side to me.

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