T.I. Loves His Entourage Cameo Just As Much As You Do

"It's a phenomenal film," the rapper told Billboard. (Plus, his new album is finished!)

In between producing the second season of his Oxygen series Sisterhood Of Hip-Hop, starring on the fifth season of our own T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, working on his 10th studio album, and making a life-giving cameo in the recently-released Entourage film, T.I. found the time to catch up with Billboard about all his projects. And, don’t worry, he’s fan-girling over his Entourage appearance just as much as you were at the movies this weekend.

“It’s a phenomenal film,” the rapper told Billboard. It’s loaded — I’m talking about to the brim — with A-list cameos. The most cameos I’ve ever seen in a movie! It’s an awesome plot, a phenomenal story. Entourage, the story and the legacy, the franchise has been so significant to pop culture and our generation particularly.”

While he didn’t spill more about his small part — “I don’t want to ruin it,” he said — T.I. assured viewers, “It’s a must see, and I don’t think anyone will be disappointed.”

And if that’s enough, the “Whatever You Like” rapper revealed his next LP is basically wrapped. “Actually the new album’s finished!” he said. I just have to figure out when I’ll have time to actually market it and promote it and work it.”

According to the interview, it looks like the new album might be a part of a new collective, Bankroll Mafia, which also features Young Thug. “We’re very colorful characters in this business and you should be hearing some music very soon.”