Sorry Not Sorry: Masika DGAF What Haters Think About Her Breastfeeding


Masika Kalysha is so in love with her baby girl Khari Barbie Maxwell (as she should be), and hasn’t been shy to express it on social media. Earlier today, she posted a picture of herself breastfeeding, a beautiful bonding experience between mother and child.

“I thought I knew what love was but I had no idea. #KBM”

It wasn’t long until haters had things to say about her posting a picture of her boob and well, Clap Back Kalysha was in full effect.

“I’m terribly sorry if I offended anyone with my last post breast feeding my daughter. Next time I’ll be sure to cover up like this nice young lady in this photo. ? SIKE
I feel sad for those of you who find breastfeeding uncomfortable or inappropriate. I thank God that I can breast feed my child after having 2 breast augmentations and nipple rings for 5 years. It’s taking a lot of work and dedication to do this right. If you have a problem with it click unfollow and go be mad elsewhere #breastisbest”

Oot! You heard her, unfollow if there’s an issue.

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