There’s No Way This Is Real: Draya’s Snapback Photo Is Too Snatched To Be True

Seriously, she looks friggin amazing! How!?

Draya Michele gave birth to her baby boy Jru Scandrick with fiancé Orlando Scandrick on April 8th and the snap back video on Draya’s Snapchat has people scratching their heads.

Draya looks AMAZING, no doubt, for having just gave birth to her 6.5 lb, bundle of joy, but some already think she may be looking a little too amazing. This video obtained by BallerAlert shows a very teensy Draya wishing everyone a happy Friday as she shows off her tight tummy just one week after giving birth.
We’ve come up with some conspiracy theories because she is way too snatched right now.

1. Draya recorded that video on her Snapchat 11 months ago and didn’t hit “Send To My Story” until this morning.

2. Draya has a twin sister named Fontaya who records for her when Draya doesn’t feel like it.

3. Draya gave birth in the gym, amidst three sets of 50 sit ups.

Whatever Draya did to get that postpartum bod, applause to her! She’s the real MVP.

Congrats again to Draya to Orlando!
UPDATE: Draya responded to her detractors with the following posts:

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