Gilbert Arenas is Not Here for Hillary Clinton and the Reason Might Surprise You

Didn't see this coming.

Now there are many US citizens against Hillary Clinton this election and siding with Bernie Sanders, but the reason why Gilbert Arenas doesn’t want to vote for her might shock you. He took to Instagram to share the main reason why she won’t have his vote during the democratic race. It’s not the that he doesn’t like her campaign, or even her overall abilities to run the country successfully, but because it will affect his chances… on sleeping with women. I’m not making this up.

He believes women will become very conceited after witnessing a female become President, similar to the way black people felt when Obama was elected. He thinks it will be more expensive to woo women into sleeping with him. And if Hillary is elected President, Gilbert’s plan is to move to Mexico where he can “buy a bundle package of women ALL for $300 Pesos.” Someone please delete this man’s Instagram.

Read his entire Instagram spiel below.