These Sext Messages From Jared Fogle Are Creepy AF

Get ready to be super uncomfortable. SMDH.

If you weren’t already disgusted with Jared Fogle, your dislike for this man is about to go through the roof.

Fogle, who is currently serving a 15-year sentence for child pornography and underage sex charges, is claiming the judge should not have sentenced him to more than the max recommended in the plea deal — 12 1/2 years. According to TMZ, the U.S. Attorney just filed legal docs saying Fogle’s conduct warrants the harsher sentence, due to text messages he sent to a woman, who apparently procured minors for his sexual pleasure.

In one text, Fogle writes, “Is your Asian friend available?” She responds, “Are you going to pay me, too, or can I come back?” He replies, “I’ll pay you big for a 14 or 15-year-old.”

The two continue to toggle over the price until Jared is willing to pay $400 if the child is 16 or younger. He then says, “Do you have any access to any young girls? Like 15 or 16?” She asks, “Why, baby?” He says, “Cause it’s what I crave.”

Just terrible!