This Spatial Photography App Is About to Rock Your World (and Your Selfies)

Taking pictures will never be the same.

If you’ve been using your camera app and exactly one thumb to take pictures, you’ve been doing it wrong. And you probably haven’t heard of Fyuse.

Fyuse is an app that brings taking pictures to the next level. This “spatial photography app” allows you to capture images in such a way that they actually appear to be 3D. That selfie you took after you finished doing your makeup this morning? That group pic you and your friends posed for on your night out? That photo of your cat you took when you were home alone and bored? Reimagine all of these… in 3D.

From Fyuse:

“With space-capturing capabilities, Fyuse creates living images that go beyond a photo to smoothly capture the depth and details of the moment. Users can share fyuses through their own personal gallery and the Fyuse social community, as well as on Facebook and Twitter. Fyuse is created by Fyusion, a developer of innovative 3D imaging technologies. Fyusion has raised $16.5 million in funding to date and is backed by New Enterprise Associates and University of Tokyo Edge Capital.”

FYI, award-winning singer-songwriter Tom Odell used Fyuse 3.0 to premiere new music. This could literally be the future of album drops, people.

Fyuse is available on Google Play and the App Store. For photo inspiration, check out some of Odell’s fyuses here.

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