The Most Underrated Inside Amy Schumer Skits of All Time


Amy Schumer fans, rejoice. The fourth season of Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer returns tonight (April 21) at 10 p.m. The acclaimed sketch comedy show has churned out several viral videos, including “Last F-ckable Day” and “Sexting.” However, the show includes many amazing clips that didn’t rack up the same amount of views as these two. And that’s a shame, because they’re funny as hell.

Here are 10 of Inside Amy Schumer’s most underrated skits. Watch at your own risk. (And by risk, we mean you’ll pee your pants. We certainly did.)

  • “Foam”

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    They say love comes in many forms. In the case of “Foam,” it’s literal cappuccino foam. When Schumer’s barista starts leaving romantic foam shapes in her coffee every morning, she begins falling for him. He does, too–until he finds someone else. That’s when things get wonky…and caffeinated.

  • “Psychic”

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    All Schumer wants to do is have this psychic summon her grandmother for a little chit-chat. What she gets is the spirit of her creepy uncle touching her ta-tas and asking for a cigarette. So much for spiritual awakening.

  • “Skip Therapy”

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    Schumer’s boyfriend is depressed, so his therapist suggests that he skips everywhere he goes. No, really–actually skip everywhere. It drives Schumer insane, until it comes in handy in the craziest way imaginable. Press play to find out how.

  • “Birthday Surprise”

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    In this skit, Schumer plays a soldier who hides in a giant cake to surprise her boyfriend on his birthday. What could go wrong? Answer: You overhear said boyfriend talking mad sh-t about you…while you’re inside the damn cake. No candles for you!

  • “Nutritionist”

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    Schumer hires a nutritionist to help get her an A-list body, but the catch is she can’t eat. At all. What she can do, though, is take photos of any food she wants and post it to Instagram. So appetizing, eh?

  • “5K”

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    Schumer is all about supporting her friend who recently battled breast cancer, until she asks her to run a 5K. Then, things get awkward. Doesn’t said friend no Schumer and running don’t mix?!?

  • “Four-handed Massage”

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    The title says it all. Schumer gets a four-handed massage by two very creepy dudes. It’s…an experience. If you ever want a massage again, don’t watch this video. (Or, if you’re into weird stuff, maybe watch this video.)

  • “Gym Bummers”

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    Going to the gym sucks. Going to the gym when you’re surrounded by idiots who give unsolicited advice and PDA couples sucks more. Schumer and guest-host Patrick Warburton tell you all about the gym-goers to avoid in this hilarious clip.

  • “The Gab”

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    In this View parody, the co-hosts only talk about one thing: their detest for frenemy Janelle. Hmmm, sort of like the real View with Elisabeth Hasselbeck.