MAC Cosmetics’ Newest Collection Will Allow You to Do Your Makeup Like a Troll

A *glam* troll.

MAC Cosmetics announced some news that will make your inner ’90s child freak out.

The company posted an Instagram on Tuesday promoting a coming collection inspired by, well, troll dolls—like, the ones you used to play with (or just look at from time to time) when you were little.

It’s unclear why this collection is happening, but the important thing is that it is happening. And we need to prepare for it.

“Being a troll has never been so glamorous!” MAC’s post reads. MAC is 100% right about that.

The Good Luck Trolls collection will be available in August, which means you can close out the summer by getting your troll on. The troll detail embossed on the blush in the above ’gram is choice, by the way. Here’s to hot pink lipstick and blue glitter (hopefully) just for the hell of it.

Happy trollin’.

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.