This Girl’s Twitter Story of How She Hid in Her BF’s Trunk and Caught Him Cheating Is Zola-Level Epic

She basically kidnapped herself.

Nary a dull moment on Twitter.

Nothing was the same after Zola’s epic tweet-by-tweet story back in October, but user @vickto_willy has just given us equally entertaining fodder for our feeds. Last week, @vickto_willy posted a video of herself hiding in the trunk of (supposedly) her boyfriend’s car. Her video started getting attention and @vickto_willy tweeted that if it got 500 likes, she’d tell the story of how she ended up in the trunk.

The video has since received an insane amount of retweets and likes and as promised, @vickto_willy told the full story and spared none of the juicy details. It all started with a night out followed by a series of miscommunications, an incriminating phone call and lastly, @vickto_willy hiding in the trunk of her BF’s car to eventually catch him cheating on her with not one, but two other women.

Ladies and gentlemen, here is the @vickto_willy story.

Twitter ought to start giving out awards for stories like these, am I right?

We asked some people what it takes to keep a sidepiece. Find out what they said in the video below.

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