Rasheeda’s Mom Shirleen and Stepdaughter Kelsie Both Have An Issue With How Rasheeda Runs Her Business

"She's always in my dad's ear. If my dad had his own opinion, I would be signed by now."

Kirk’s daughter, Kelsie, is confused as to why Rasheeda doesn’t move her closer to the shop if she expects her to be on time, and momma Shirleen isn’t trying to have anyone play with her food in this week’s Check Yourself. While Kelsie struggles to understand why Rasheeda always feels the need to put in her two cents when it comes to business between her and her father, Kirk, Shirleen feels Rasheeda is trying to be too nice to Kelsie. “I’m gonna have to teach her a lesson like I taught Kirk.” Oop! Watch out for Momma Shirleen, (we saw what she did to that bike)!

Meanwhile, Jessica Dime feels Mimi belongs in a mental institution if she thinks she and Joseline would ever be cool. While Mimi is anticipating getting back in good graces with the Puerto Rican princess, Tiarra knows Mimi will forgive her for ruining her party. “Anybody that can swing from a shower pole and bounce back like that…I know you gon’ forgive everybody.” Although they just met, seems like Tiarra already knows Mimi!

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