Spotify CEO Tweets The Perfect Response To Apple’s New Music Streaming Service

It's pretty much a giant "Awww, hell naw."

Yesterday, Apple set the music world abuzz (again) with news that they’re launching a new music streaming service. Dubbed Apple Music, the system will allow users to stream songs via iTunes on demand, as well as listen to personalized playlists curated by music experts. The program will integrate the iPhone’s Siri knowledge navigator, and also boasts a 24/7 digital radio station called Beats 1, helmed by some of the world’s greatest DJs. All this for the competitive price of $9.99 a month—and the first three months are free!

This is all well and good, but there’s one man who’s clearly not impressed: Spotify CEO Daniel Ek. The current streaming sultan took aim at his new rival with a hilariously deadpan (since deleted) tweet.

It’s pretty much a giant “Awww, hell naw.” Let’s face it— Tidal didn’t really offer much competition. But will Apple Music turn Spotify into an ancient technological artifact, just like the iPod crushed the Nomad Jukebox we all had? Let the games begin!

VH1 Music Editor + Seltzer Enthusiast