Remember Gwyneth Paltrow’s Baby Girl, Apple? Now She’s Her Mom’s Clone and It’s Almost Freaky

World, be prepared for another Gwyneth.

It feels like just yesterday when we were all wondering: “WTF is Gwyneth Paltrow thinking making her poor baby girl’s name Apple? Really, Apple?!” Well, yeah, that was 11 years ago.


11 years.

Over the weekend, Gwyneth shared a rare photo of her no-longer-baby daughter and her son Moses (who’s now 9, by the way) and it is guaranteed to freak you out. Behold: Gwyneth Paltrow’s legitimate clone.

I won’t lie, I stared at this picture for about two minutes wondering if that was actually Gwyneth and realized it wasn’t when I saw her 9-year-old was the same size. Unless it was a remarkable Photoshop job, which I also briefly considered.

Now that we know Apple Martin is Gwyneth’s twin, one question remains: will she actually be Gwyneth one day???!!

Only time will tell.

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