Melisandre’s Been Catfishing Us: These Amazing Red Woman Memes Take The Edge Off Of Last Night’s Game of Thrones

Melisandre, girl, you got quite a makeunder.

Last night, we had NO idea what to make of the shocking ending to the season premiere of Game Of Thrones. Melisandre, a.k.a. The Red Woman who can bring back the dead and birth homicidal smoke babies, revealed that she’s not quite what she seemed. With the removal of one statement piece necklace, she turned into an old woman and, not unlike us, crawled right into bed shaking at the sight of her own reflection. It was a traumatic moment, but in 2016, the thing that helps people recover from trauma is a good meme. Allow us to help you process the final moment of the show with the best the internet has to offer in response to Melisandre’s, uh, makeunder.

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Happens to the best of us, Melisandre.

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Yasss #got #gameofthrones #melisandre #catfish

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(Did you really think there wouldn’t be a ?”Lemonade”? reference in one of these?)
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