Watch Kylie Jenner Blow Off Rob Kardashian Because She’s Busy Taking a Mirror Selfie

It's the most Kylie Jenner thing ever.

Kylie Jenner loves a good selfie. Take one look at the lip advocate’s Instagram account, and you’ll realize that. Like lip kits, good selfies take time and focus to craft–so much focus that you may not hear someone call you repeatedly.

This appears to be what went down in one of Rob Kardashian’s recent Snapchat uploads. Kardashian caught his half sister in her natural habitat: the bathroom, wielding a phone and planning the perfect selfie. Jenner was clearly in the zone and blocked out all outside noise. That’s why when Kardashian tried to get her attention–“Hey! Hey! Yo! Hey!” he said–she doesn’t flinch. She remains glued to her phone, analyzing her features and angles. It isn’t until Kardashian yells, “You!” that Jenner acknowledges him. But based on her relaxed reaction, we think she didn’t hear him until that very moment. Which is frightening.
This is Instagram culture at its best worst–too focused on your own reflection to notice when someone is literally screaming for you. What if there had been an emergency, KyKy?! Like mama Kris forgot your pruple wig? Or Kim released that “Jam” remix where you guest-rapped? (STFU, we can dream.)

This probably won’t make Jenner take less selfies, but it should certainly make you–or, at the very least, open your damn ears. Your sibling is more important than choosing the right filter.

VH1 staffers bring Jenner and Tyga’s relationship timeline to life in the following video:

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