Joseline Returns to Atlanta and Wastes No Time Showing Mimi KK’s Criminal Receipts

"I just want you to be careful because Stevie calls her his sister and I wouldn't want Eva to be around that type of sister."

Looks like LA caused Joseline to glow TF up because she and Mimi are playing extra nice in this Love & Hip Hop Atlanta sneak peek.

Joseline realizes that being cool with Mimi is in everyone’s best interest but the real boosh comes out when it comes to Miss Karen King. Joseline she pulls out some serious receipts on Stevie J’s “sister” KK. There are mugshots, criminal records, and a bunch of bleeps as it relates to “sister dearest.”

While Joseline is promoting the peace by inviting everybody to her video release party, including Tommie and Chris, something tells us it won’t quite end up so copacetic.

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