“That B—h is a Witch”: K.Michelle Reads Rasheeda and Mimi to Filth with Karlie Redd

"I bet Rasheeda has a K.Michelle bobble-head voodoo doll and she pokes it at night."

K.Michelle pulled a pop-up on her Karlie Redd who was in Los Angeles, and the singer went and threw epic shade at the rest of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta ladies.

When K. asked Karlie about Rasheeda’s store, she said she wished she could just be all, “I just want all black women to do great,” but she continued, “I think that b—h is a witch.” When the subject turned to Mimi and her relationship with Chris, K. became speechless. “Everything been done f–ked Mimi besides the screwdriver.” Oop. No one is safe from K.

How do you think Rasheeda and Mimi are going to handle having K.Michelle around more often? Stay tuned to Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, every Monday at 8/7c!