Azealia Banks Went on a Totally Bonkers Rant About Beyoncé Last Night

"Piers Morgan is right."

The BeyHive has been stirred.

After revealing that she’s been bleaching her skin as a result of “depression,” Azealia Banks shared some heavily charged words about Beyoncé and her new visual album Lemonade. Banks, who tweeted that Lemonade was “EXACTLY WHAT pop culture needed” just days ago, has apparently had a change of heart about it all.

It started with this, Banks’ tweet supporting yesterday’s troubling Piers Morgan Daily Mail article on Beyoncé and Lemonade. In the article, Morgan uses words like “inflammatory” and “agitating” to describe Bey, and also calls her a “born-again-black woman” who has used “grieving mothers to shift records and further fill her already massively enriched purse.” The whole thing can be summed up with this, Morgan’s (maybe accidental) failed attempt at channeling Kanye’s T.L.O.P.: “I preferred the old Beyoncé.”

Banks then posted a series of tweets calling Bey out for not fulfilling her duty as “queen” and “perpetuating that sad black female sufferance” in Lemonade.

Banks later tweeted the link to an article titled “Wanting to Speak But Having Nothing to Say: Why I Don’t Like Beyoncé,” which is kind of funny because it rhymes, but also not funny because, well, you get the point by now, right?

Banks has made it clear that despite her former praise of Beyoncé’s newest work, she feels there is more to be desired. Furthermore, she wants Bey to speak on the matter. Judging from Bey’s interview track record from the past few years, it’s doubtful she’ll say anything soon. Or, like, ever.

But one can beylieve she might.

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