People Think Rita Ora Is Somehow Shading Beyonce By Wearing This Outfit

It's, like, not that deep.

The audacity!

Rita Ora, one of many “Becky” prospects, was spotted out wearing what Splash News thinks is a “red kimono robe.” As it turns out, Ora was not wearing a red kimono robe. She was instead wearing a Gucci silk skirt ($1890) and matching blouse ($1390), but all of that is irrelevant because the real “news” here is that people think Ora’s sartorial choice is somehow confirmation that she is Beyonce’s Lemonade “Becky.”

Here’s the *incriminating* outfit.

Splash News

Does it look familiar? Bey wore the same ensemble while straddling a sinking police car in the “Formation” video.


So what does any of this have to do with Becky and/or hair? Nothing… but also everything. People seem to think that Ora’s outfit means she is outing herself as Becky, and therefore shading Beyonce. But it’s not that deep.

Ora was also supposedly posing for pictures the other day in a lemon bra and an initial necklace with what many thought was the letter “J” for Jay Z or something. Upon further investigation, a.k.a. a second look at the above picture of Ora, she seems to be wearing the same initial necklace, which looks like an “R.” For “Rita,” that is.

If that’s not enough to sway you, Ora responded to all of the rumors on Twitter today. Spoiler alert: They are “false.”

So there you have it. No beef here, just some serious style inspiration—the kind you, too, got from watching Lemonade.

Carry on.

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