We Finally Know How Jay Z Really Feels About Lemonade

And it may surprise you.

Unpacking Beyoncé’s stunning visual album Lemonade will take years–even decades–but one theme that slaps you in the face is infidelity. Specifically, Bey alludes hubby Jay Z cheated on her with a mistress nicknamed “Becky with the Good Hair.” This little factoid sent the Internet into a firestorm–and launched a witch hunt against alleged “Becky” Rachel Roy— but one person has remained mum during all of this: Jay himself.

Until now–well, kinda. E! published an article Tuesday afternoon (April 26) that cited several “sources” who claim to have intel on Jay’s post-Lemonade attitude. And it may surprise you.

The dish? He is reportedly drinking the Kool-Aid lemonade about the entire ordeal. “He is fully supportive. He understands the reasoning. This is part of the process of being transparent,” a source told E!. “And they have healed. He has been very humble about the experience. Beyoncé is the love of his life and he will do what it takes.”

Surprised? Maybe you won’t be after you learn that Lemonade was years in the making. The article claims the couple was having issues for years–apparently, Bey didn’t trust Jay–and things reached a “tipping point” in 2014 during that infamous elevator incident. We don’t know for sure if Roy was the cause of the fight, but a source told E! people didn’t think her friendship with Jay was OK.

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