Meet R&B’s New Voice Of The Streets, Bronx Bomber Tish Hyman

Find out why this triple threat often catches comparisons to Ms. Lauryn Hill

The Bronx will forever be the home of hip hop, arguably the most influential culture the world has ever witnessed. But the borough is also home to a new voice, which closely mirrors that of another champion of the people — Lauryn Hill.

Tish Hyman not only shares a striking vocal resemblance to the legendary Fugee, but the singer/songwriter/rapper’s music is based in the same reality which won Ms. Hill the adoration of millions. So who exactly is this musical femme fatale, who has already logged minutes behind the scenes with the likes of Kanye West, Alicia Keys and Diddy?

We get the details on Tish’s forthcoming debut Dedicated To , her humble beginnings as a New York City battle rapper, putting the Bronx on her back and more.

What’s the concept behind your debut album Dedicated To?

Dedicated To is basically me saying that I’m dedicating this album to anyone who has ever felt like they couldn’t achieve something because of where they’re from.

Most people heard you for the first time on Fabolous’ “You Made Me.” How did you end up linking up with Fab?

I actually linked up with Fab through a producer named Bink who produced on “Subway Art.” I was in New York, so I called Bink, and said, “Bink, I need to meet with some other rappers from New York City.” The first name that came up was Fab, and then he connected us. From there, it was just immediately really cool.

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