Maybe She’s Just “Old School” but Sister Patterson Gives Briana Some Mothering Advice to Explosive Results

"Sister Patterson shouldn't be judging anybody!"

Sister Patterson isn’t making a ton of friends in the Family Therapy house. After Michael Lohan applauds Briana Dejesus for raising such a happy little girl, Sister Patterson offers her own two-cents about Briana’s mothering.

“Maybe I’m just old school, I would never let my children be so friendly and outgoing to a housefull of strangers because if she’s happy with strangers in her face, she’ll be happy with strangers outside your presence. She’s only three, she shouldn’t be running up to men and women, ’Hi, my name is such-and-such. It is not okay for me, personally.” Michael and Dina Lohan visibly feel uncomfortable with Sister Patterson giving this tough love, especially right after Briana and Brittany found out the truth about their father. “You shouldn’t even have a boyfriend,” Sister continues. “I’m just saying you shouldn’t have a boyfriend around your daughter that’s not her father.” It’s fair to say the whole incident explodes and Briana is none too pleased to be hearing this. “Sister Patterson shouldn’t be judging anybody!”

Sister Patterson says she’s not being disrespectful, do you agree? Do you think it was just bad timing or do you think she was way out of line? Find out how things progress with the Dejesus sisters and Sister Patterson on the next Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn next Wednesday at 8/7c!