Omarion Defends His Use Of The N-Word On Instagram, Fans Have Mixed Reactions

Omarion fired back with a thoughtful response but some critics still found it problematic.

Celebrities are constantly under public scrutiny and Omarion is no exception. The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star captioned a photo on Instagram, “Lil n— but I’m lion hearted.” His use of the N-word didn’t sit well with everyone and one particular commenter had a lot to say about it.

Lil nigga but I'm lion hearted.

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The user wrote, “Cant handle when a white man says n— but you call yourself and all your other African Americans N—? Common [sic] bro. Time to stop degrading your own race.”
Omarion took the time to respond to this particular “fan” saying,

“Let me educate you, you fool of a man. “White men” created this negative nasty derogatory term “n—” that “WE” as in [black people] turned into a term of endearment, orientation, & brotherhood, so f— no! you can’t call me n— or n—a. You don’t have the cultural stripes nor possess the ethnic background to do so. U don’t have the residue of oppression, slavery, & racism lingering in the marrow of ur genetic code. So just double tap & keep it movin bro, u have no business sticking ur ignorant perspective in the lions den.”

While Omarion’s response is thoughtful and addresses the ownership that many in the black community have for that word we know this is a controversial topic. Many of Omarion’s critics expressed opposing views and said that any variation of the N-word is still a pejorative.

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