Usher Posted a Naked (and Completely NSFW) Selfie From His Shower This A.M.

Grace Miguel is one lucky woman.

Bad pun alert: You’re about to get so ~caught up~ on this.

Indisputable panty melter of the 2000s Usher is fully using Snapchat these days, but as we’ve just learned, he is not fully clothed on there. As some of us did, Usher took a shower this morning. It was in that shower that Usher had a great idea. He could have been feeling inspired by Beyoncé’s Lemonade or excited at the thought of summer swiftly approaching—whatever it was, something made Usher Snapchat his bare naked body for all to see.

Here’s Usher, fully exposed, possibly thinking about making love in this shower. Obviously this is NSFW:


WOW. Sorry, my reading glasses just completely fogged up. Usher, whose sensual and yearning music helped guide you through all of those horribly awkward high school dances, has exposed himself on Snapchat. Does anyone else find this hilarious?

If you don’t think it’s funny, are you… turned on? It’s okay. There are many, many things to feel as a result of this picture.

Thank you, Usher, for ushering us into Friday with your, ahem, raw self. We are truly blessed because of this. Grace Miguel is a lucky woman.

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