Watch Kris Jenner Rip Apart Her Own Daughters, Slam Kim’s 72-Day Marriage and Defend Rob in Under 60 Seconds

Mom. Of. The. Year.

Kris Jenner is mom of the year.

We already knew this–remember her Christmas trees?–but she asserts her queen status in an amazing season 12 sneak-peek clip of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which premieres May 1 on E!.

Why is it so great, you ask? Jenner reads all of her daughters to shreds for their ridiculous shenanigans. In other words, she says what literally everyone in America thinks about them–and she’s their mother!

Here’s the tea: Kim Kardashian is apparently not pleased Mama Jenner agreed to help buy Rob a house because he is “almost 30 years old.” Khloe agrees, telling Jenner she should “cut the chord.”

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