People Are Making Their Own Views Covers with Tiny Drakes, and It’s Hilarious

Pure art.

Drake released his highly-anticipated fourth album Views on April 28, and it’s already taking over the Internet–but not how the rapper probably intended. A production company named The Young Astronauts noticed the hilarity of Drake’s Views cover–it features a tiny version of himself sitting on top of a building look at, well, views–so they did something wonderful: create a “Make Your Own Tiny Drake Album” website. If you visit, you can upload any photo you want, place a “Tiny Drake” on it and generate your own version of Views. It’s so addictive.

And literally the talk of Twitter. Everyone is flocking to to take a crack at a Views cover, and the results are hysterical. Here are 10 of our favorites. Make your own, and tweet it at us! Everyone needs this in their lives.