Dutchess Thinks Donna Needs To Stop Having Sex With People So They’ll Like Her

"You don't have to offer yourself sexually to nobody for them to f----ing like you."

Dutchess holds nothing back as she speaks about Donna’s sexcapades in this Black Ink Crew bonus clip. She feels that Donna needs to stop sleeping with people in the shop and needs to focus on tattooing because shorty allegedly hasn’t picked up a sketch book in months. With all the craziness that went down in Miami, Dutchess still adamantly claims that Donna took advantage of her and even begins to convince newbie Melody that that may be true. When Dutchess sees how supportive and understanding Melody is, it’s not a shocker to see how Dutch starts to come around to her new shop twin.

Ted feels the whole story is still “a bit confusing” but men lie, women lie, the cameras don’t. Tune into an all new Black Ink Crew next Monday at 9/8c!

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