Ballerina Misty Copeland Has Her Own Barbie Doll with Muscles, Brown Skin and Thighs

"I wanted it to really represent me, and for it to really, truly be like my body," the dancer said.

Barbie’s new doll will have you leaping–literally.

Why? The inspiration is the gravity-defying ballerina Misty Copeland, who made history last year when the American Ballet Theatre named her its first-ever African American principal ballerina. That’s huge.

So, when Mattel contacted her about making a Copeland doll for its “You Can Be Anything” youth empowerment campaign, she had some guidelines. Mainly, the doll had to actually look like her–curves, dark skin and all. Making a generic, waifish Barbie and slapping her name on the box wasn’t going to cut it.

“It’s just so exciting for this generation of kids to be able to see a Barbie that has muscles and brown skin and a bust and thighs, and for her to be a ballerina,” Copeland told Mashable.
And Mattel took the gig seriously. According to Mashable, Copeland was heavily involved in the doll’s inception and critiqued several prototypes before settling on the winner.

“Something I kept saying was make her bust bigger! I wanted it to really represent me, and for it to really, truly be like my body,” she said. Mattel also took steps to make the Copeland doll’s nose wider and her eyes more almond-shaped.

The result is pretty amazing. (See above.) Clad in Copeland’s Firebird outfit, the doll is the spitting image of her and is even built to bend like a ballerina. Hats Point shoes off, Mattel. We’re spinning.