Jessica Dime Is Tired Of Mimi Bringing Up Her “Sister-Wife” Joseline In This Week’s Check Yourself

"We don't give a damn!"

Mimi keeps announcing that Stevie J and Joseline are back in town and while fans are excited, Jessica Dime makes it clear that no one else cares that much in this week’s Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. While Jessica is #girlbye about that whole situation and just wants to enjoy girl time (she just got off probation and is not trying to get caught up over Joseline again), Tiarra feels that Karlie is not to be trusted. “A person that’s friends with everybody even your enemies, is friends with no one.” With Rasheeda, Ariane, Mimi, and Tammy all on the list of those who’s had static with Joseline in the past, Tiarra may not be too far off in her observation.

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