Rachel Platten Reveals the Inspiration Behind “Fight Song,” Which Has Taylor Swift Singing Along

"It didn't scare me to be vulnerable because that's when you get something great."

Rachel Platten, this month’s You Oughta Know artist, is currently charming summer radio with her endearing pop tune “Fight Song.” The track’s lyrics are deeply personal — “Take back my life song, prove I’m alright song,” she croons — and that’s not a coincidence.

Platten revealed the inspiration behind music’s newest power anthem, currently climbing the Billboard Hot 100.

“’Fight Song’ was inspired by a lot of experiences that were hurting me and that were making me feel like maybe I didn’t have a chance in this industry,” she said. “I wrote it because I needed to remind myself that I believed in myself. No matter what, I still was gonna make music, even if it was on a small scale. Even if it was just for me.”

While packaged in a sing-a-long chorus, “Fight Song’s” message packs a powerful punch, and Platten admitted it was difficult tapping into those emotions at first. “I really challenged myself in writing the past couple of years to be vulnerable in my lyrics. I didn’t want to skate past what was hurting.”

She continued, “It didn’t scare me to be vulnerable because I think that’s when you get something great.”

Taylor Swift seems on board with Platten’s song. At Swift’s concert over the weekend, the two sang Platten’s hit in what looks like an impromptu jam session. Check it out:
Excuse our tears. Watch the rest of Platten’s candid interview below.