Khloe Kardashian Is Posted up on the Treadmill, Confused by Haters Accusing Her of Getting Lipo

Khloe + Twitter = the greatest thing that's ever happened.

We’ve told you once and we’ll tell you again: Khloe Kardashian knows damn well how to get her gym on. Apparently, some haters out there are accusing her of getting liposuction, but can’t a girl just have a tight bod? Don’t worry, she put all of them in their place with these incredible tweets, further proving she’s the realest of all time.

And guys, she’s always at the gym.

She’s at the gym in a Yeezus shirt.

Fact ♊️

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She’s at the gym paying tribute to Tupac.


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She’s at the gym wearing glorious matching outfits.

And she’s at the gym proving she works hard for dat ass.

Squat! Squat! Squat!!!

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Do you still think she got lipo? Now you have photographic proof that she can probably kick your ass if you do. Still, Khloe doesn’t know how to feel about the rumors. What do you think?

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.