Blake Lively Battles a Humongous Shark in Her Bonkers New Movie The Shallows–Watch the Full-Length Trailer!

Serena van der Woodsen vs. Jaws

If you’ve ever wanted to watch Blake Lively battle a giant-ass shark–and, let’s be real, who hasn’t wanted that?–you can this summer.

The full-length trailer for Lively’s new film The Shallows dropped today (May 4), and it looks freaky AF. The premise is standard (but still intriguing): Lively plays a sun-blonde surfer who travels to an exotic beach to catch some waves. There, she meets two fellow surfers, but the fun comes to a screeching halt when a shark creeps up like your old boyfriend at Wendy’s. She makes a panicked swim to the nearest rock, but her new pals aren’t so lucky. Said shark pops up from the water like a daisy and eats one dude whole. Then, it pulls the other guy down like some kind of sea witch. Yummy.

All alone on a rock and very close to shore–A.K.A. shallow water–Lively must figure out how to get out of this razor-tooth pickle. And she’s pissed. “I’m not dying here,” she says. We’re so here for this.

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