20 Times Sister Patterson’s Parenting Style Scared Us Straight

She puts the fear of MOM in all of us.

Ever since we first got to know Sister Patterson during Tiffany “New York” Pollard’s memorable turn on Flavor of Love almost a decade ago, she has been a consistent source of sass — sometimes entertaining, and sometimes downright scary.

In honor of Mother’s Day this year, we journeyed back through the archives to pluck out some of the most memorable mom moments with Sister Patterson that had us straight shivering in our boots, from her fierce face-to-face with Flav himself on to her most boisterous sessions on Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn.

Gotta love her.

  1. When she had exactly zero love for Flavor Flav.

    The other girls’ moms might have been pretty chill about their daughters potentially shacking up with Flav, but not Sister Patterson. She wasn’t up for pretending, either.

  2. So she kept it real right to his face.

    Just so there was NO confusion about where she stood.

  3. And she warned him about what’s what.

    Message: Keep your hands to yourself, Flav, if you know what’s good for you.

  4. Then she walked up into the I Love New York house like a boss.

    “Even if it kills me, if I’m down to my last breath, I am going to find the right man, this time around, for my daughter.”

  5. And she was’t having any brownnose business.

    Don’t even try that, son.

  6. Her threats would not be taken lightly.

    Trust her when she says, “Don’t go toe to toe with me ‘cause you gonna get your toes stepped on. I’m five foot three, but I’ll tell you one thing. I’m a brown belt. And I’ll take you down.”

  7. She could NOT with Chance.

    Much like Flav, she wasn’t pretending this was on the level for her.

  8. She did not trust Tiff’s judgment.


  9. And she wasn’t afraid to tell everybody about themselves when it came to style.

    Dress better, boys. Dress better.

  10. When she called everyone out for acting a little too nice.

    She knows better than to think all these Ps and Qs are legit.

  11. When she wasn’t putting up with rough housing in her daughter’s house.

    She’s the only one who can lay the smack down around here. Fact.

  12. When she put the kibosh on New York’s midnight snack routine.

    Poor Mr. Boston was just trying to earn some quality time with Tiffany by microwaving her some mac-n-cheese, but Sister P pulled the plug on that operation with an iron fist.

  13. When she just could NOT with Dina Lohan.

    She gave LiLo’s mother the “sikkkke” handshake treatment because, she later told us, “Her spirit bit me. The venom, the poison. Her venom hit me right here.” OUCH.

  14. When she just wasn’t answering to Michell.

    Sister Patterson and New York were already skeptical of Dr. Jenn’s whole group therapy approach, but when Dr. Jenn addressed her as Michell instead of Sister, she was out. “You had your chance, and you blew it, baby.”

  15. When she was not intimidating.

    Family Therapy went south pretty quickly when the whole room raised their hands over who was intimidated by her. Whoops.

  16. When she put the fear in New York for turning the group against her.

    Tiff knew she’d done her mother wrong by opening up a conversation about her intimidation factor, and Sister P gently reminded her that it wasn’t over. Not by a long shot.

  17. When she gave New York a strict list of no-no baby names.

    When Tiffany thought that she might be pregnant during a session of Family Therapy, Sister Patterson wasn’t convinced, but she did have something to say about what NOT to name her grandchild.

  18. When she just didn’t trust science.

    Tiffany had an actual ultrasound to check in on the health of her fetus, but Sister Patterson still wasn’t convinced. “If Tiffany was pregnant, I would know it,” she said. “If she had a headache, I would feel it.”

  19. When she actually laid claim to Tiffany’s baby-to-be.

    Even though she wasn’t altogether convinced of Tiffany’s pregnancy, Sister Patterson did insist that if she were to have a baby, “Her child would be mine.” YES, she would take the baby and it would be “automatically” hers to raise.

  20. When she was PERFECT and everybody else was wrong.


    Sister Patterson and New York’s explosive interview with Steve Harvey was filled with drama — not the least of which was another series of denials about Tiffany’s pregnancy — but her toe-to-toe with Steve Harvey about her perfection and lack of need for therapy was actual fire.

You gotta give her credit for always staying true to herself, from day one right on through to right now.

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