Donald Trump Is Using Cinco de Mayo to Sell His Taco Bowls and Love for Hispanics

This will ruin your margarita buzz.

It’s Cinco de Mayo, which means dozens of misinformed white people will be flooding the streets guzzling margaritas and swan-diving into pools of guacamole. One of those people, unfortunately, is Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who used the holiday to pimp out his restaurant and talk about how much he ~*loves*~ Hispanics. Seriously, we’re not kidding.

It all went down on Twitter Thursday (May 5). Trump posted a photo of himself chowing on a taco bowl with the cringe-worthy caption, “Happy #CincoDeMayo! The best taco bowls are made in Trump Tower Grill. I love Hispanics!” Yes, you’re reading that last sentence correctly.

This move is so terrible, it’s hilarious. Not only does it highlight Trump’s nauseating capitalism, it’s ironic given his less-than-favorable opinion about immigrants. (He wants to deport everyone, as Hillary Clinton pointed out after Trump posted this tweet.)

And people on the Internet are having a field day over this. Here are some of the funniest responses to Trump’s Cinco de Maddening tweet:

Let’s all take a shot of tequila and forget this.

If you’re not down to spend some coins on a Trump Tower Grill taco bowl, you might want to consider Trump wine instead. We had liberals blind-taste test the vino, and the results will surprise you. Check out the clip.

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