From Funny to Woke: The Best Donald Trump Memes

Meme America Great Again!

By Brenden Gallagher

Another day, another round of dank Donald Trump memes. The presumptive Republican nominee and our future supreme overlord is always seconds away from doing something incredibly stupid, and the Internet is always on the ready to respond with its greatest weapon: memes.

Since joining the 2016 presidential election Donald Trump has caused the Internet to lash out at America’s orangest bigot in ways that range from hilarious to brutally honest. Here are some of the best memes to feature the Donald so far.

Trump has started what he thinks is a pivot toward the general election, which apparently means thanking an entire ethnic background for the shitty taco bowls they serve in Trump Tower.

The Internet responded appropriately.

Who Wore It Better?

People have been making fun of Trump’s hair since before the Internet. Now, we’re just more efficient.

Made in China

Trump sure talks about China a lot, probably because all of his products are made there.


But hey, 137th times a charm.

Trump the Fascist

On the Internet, everything gets compared to Hitler sooner or later, but you have to admit they have similarities beyond failed early careers.

The Wall

Not sure if “Comfortably Numb” or “Goodbye Cruel World” is the best soundtrack to Trump’s candidacy.

When Your Mouth’s On Your Eyes

That’s disgusting.


Never Forget

What Crazy Looks Like

Laugh, but remember, her vote counts for just as much as yours.

Who’s Gonna Build That?

Trump doesn’t build things anymore. Guess who does?

IDK Not Trump Tho

When memes break free of the Internet and into IRL you know they have great power.

Trump Hugs Flag

And the Internet felt #blessed

Chris Christie is Reek

When Chris Christie showed up at a Trump presser, GOT fans knew he was Reek.

The Woman Card

Trump’s “Woman Card” comments broke the Internet and netted fat stacks for Hillary.

We had liberals blind-taste test some of Trump’s best wine. The results will surprise you.

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