Joseline Hernandez Discusses Filming Lee Daniels’ New Series

Joseline will co-star alongside Queen Latifah.

In December Variety reported that Empire creator Lee Daniels was filming a new pilot for FOX starring Queen Latifah. FOX officially picked up the series, entitled Star, in April and now we’ve found out exclusively that VH1’s own Joseline Hernandez is involved. She couldn’t tell us very much but get the tea now.

Do you think it’s hard for reality stars to transition into other avenues, like acting or music?
Joseline Hernandez: You just gotta do your own thing and then you’ll be successful like me, and then you’ll end up having your own show and then you’ll end up doing something for Lee Daniels on FOX or different things like that.

Wait. You’re working with Lee Daniels? What can you tell us about that?
Yes, I did. I did something for FOX. I’ve worked his new show, and it just got picked up.

Is this the show that Queen Latifah is connected to?
Yes, it just got picked up. So that’s amazing so, yeah, you know you’ve got to do you. And be yourself and then people will really gravitate to you and then you won’t be here today and they vote your ass off the island next week.

According to the Variety, “Star is about a female group of three musicians that have dreams to make it big. The series will feature the choices with which these artists are faced along the way, while showcasing the allure and heartache of the cut-throat music scene, and exploring cultural themes from a new perspective.” The show is expected to film in Atlanta.

You might remember on Stevie J and Joseline Go Hollywood, that the Puerto Rican Princess started taking acting classes. Are you excited to see the Baddest Boosh in her small screen acting debut?

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