Anthony Anderson Tells Sway Calloway What His Mother Taught Him About Parenting

And bingo.

VH1 “Dear Mama” host Anthony Anderson knows what he knows now about being a parent because of his mom.

“I’m into Bingo, baby,” Anderson’s mom, Doris Hancox, tells Sway Calloway on the “Dear Mama” red carpet. She says she taught Anderson how to “cook, clean, wash dishes, pay bills, everything” at a very early age so that she could get to playing Bingo. Anderson says his mom loves Bingo so much, she once passed on a meeting with POTUS and FLOTUS so she could play Bingo in Vegas.

Watch as Anderson tells funny anecdotes about his mother in the following clip and catch VH1’s “Dear Mama” when it airs this Sunday, May 8 at 9 p.m.

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