Momma Dee Is So Sultry In This Week’s Check Yourself That It Might Make You Uncomfortable

"I got the magic of the tongue."

Momma Dee and Ernest hit a little speed bump when riding that freaky train, and Momma Dee feels like Ernest has to man up in this week’s Check Yourself. Although she loves his physique, Momma Dee says that doesn’t mean a thang if his insides are filthy. For a woman who still has her groove, she is most definitely not trying to put up with no scrub, husband or not.

Meanwhile Lil Scrappy, Shirleen, and Momma Dee can’t even front on how much of a disaster Rasheeda’s mother’s brunch was. While Scrappy feels everyone is swagged out to boss levels, Shirleen is till trying to figure out what’s really good with all of Momma Dee’s theatrics (she is a bit much).

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